Active Directory Deep-Dive: Top Issues, Tips, and Gotchas From Experts

During this editorial webcast, experts from Redmond magazine will present several of the top issues, tricks and tips the pros use to keep AD running like a well-oiled machine. We’ll also discuss several common missteps you can easily avoid.

AD Deep-Dive Webcast Image

All the details:

Active Directory (AD) is the personnel file of Microsoft Windows—the library that manages password policy and access to enterprise resources like applications or devices. It is, therefore, the highest priority to ensure access control to a service as critical as AD.

Organizations should adopt the NIST password requirements for AD if they haven’t already. Augmenting AD’s capabilities with enhanced functions like automated weak password filtering; blocking passwords that are too similar to previous passwords; restricting common, expected, or compromised passwords can ease that process.

Join the webcast and you’ll come away armed with tips and tactics you can work into AD to ensure smooth operations and continued security.