From Stolen Credentials to Full Network Compromise

From Stolen Credentials to Full Network Compromise

How Hackers Are Actually Using Exposed Passwords to Infiltrate Active Directory Recent reports like the Verizon DBIR have noted that stolen credentials are often the foothold that attackers use to compromise networks and systems. A simple phishing or credential stuffing attack becomes the entry point for a much larger enterprise, like data theft, ransomware, or system hijacking. This is rather …

The CapitalOne Cyber Security Incident

Capital One Financial Corporation just disclosed a cyber security incident that impacts about 100 million people in the U.S. and 6 million in Canada.   The customer data was illegally accessed sometime between March 12 and July 17, according to federal prosecutors. According to CapitalOne’s site, the largest category of information that was accessed was from consumers and small businesses that applied …


Facebook Password Security Fail

Facebook is facing scrutiny once again today by disclosing that it accidentally stores “hundreds of millions” user passwords in plaintext. To make matters worse, 20,000 Facebook employees had access to view these passwords. Instagram users are also impacted by this massive oversight. There are so many things wrong here. In the day and age, obviously no company or organization should …

Massive Equifax Data Breach Puts Consumers at Risk for Identity Theft and Compromised Accounts

With rapid rate of evolution within technology, why are we still using passwords? The answer lies in the simple, positive attributes of passwords that are not found in other authentication methods: affordable, easy to replace, universally compatibility, privacy safe and no false positive. This closer look highlights the gaps in other methods that will make it hard to get past the password.

yahoo breach

Yahoo Confirms Largest Known Breach in History: 500MM Accounts

Back in August, a hacker named peace_of_mind claimed to be selling a database containing credentials for 200 million Yahoo accounts.

At the time Yahoo indicated they were investigating the matter, but could not confirm.

Today, Yahoo confirmed that 500 million accounts were compromised in what we believe is the largest known data breach in history.