LastPass taps Enzoic for Dark Web Monitoring

LastPass taps Enzoic for Dark Web Monitoring

Enzoic’s Dark Web Monitoring services are now being embedded into the new LastPass Security Dashboard. The new capabilities provide early warning of increased risk of identity theft and other cybersecurity vulnerabilities. A recent LastPass survey found 86% of people don’t have any way to know if their personal information has been exposed on the dark web. Enzoic’s dedicated threat researchers …

Allen Spence, Director of Product Leadership at IDShield

Enzoic Customer Profile: IDShield

Identity Theft Protection: A Crucial Consideration in Today’s Heightened Environment Why IDShield Partners with Enzoic for Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection for Our Customers. By Guest Blogger: Allen Spence, Director, IDShield Product Leadership, LegalShield According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there were over 1,200 reported breaches last year alone, which exposed over 400 million records. And as Time’s Patrick Lucas …

Enzoic is growing

Enzoic Continues to Grow with Appointment of New Marketing Director

Tech Marketing Expert, Kim Jacobson, joins Enzoic as a Director of Marketing. Boulder, CO –  Sept 10, 2019 – Enzoic, a leading provider of compromised credential screening solutions, recently announced that Kim Jacobson has joined the company as a Director of Marketing. Kim will be responsible for digital and integrated marketing strategies that continue Enzoic’s high revenue growth trajectory. She will …

Enzoic Honored to be a 2019 IT World Awards Gold Winner

Enzoic: A 2019 IT World Award Gold Winner

Enzoic for Active Directory was recently selected as a gold winner for the 2019 IT World Award Security Software category. Enzoic announced today that Network Products Guide, industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, has named Enzoic for Active Directory a Gold winner in the 14th Annual 2019 IT World Awards® in the Security Software category. These industry and peer …

Enzoic Part of The 10 Leading Cyber Security Solution Providers- Beyond Protection

Enzoic Identified as a Leading Cyber Security Solution Provider

Enzoic has recently been listed in the 10 Leading Cyber Security Solution Providers in Beyond Protection.  At any given moment, millions of compromised user credentials – primarily passwords – are circulated across the Internet and Dark Web from past data breaches. Reuse of passwords by users across their online accounts is fertile ground for cybercriminals harvesting username and password combinations …

Enterprise Security Magazine’s Top 10 Identity and Access Management Solution Providers – 2019

Enzoic Part of Enterprise Security Magazine’s Top 10 Identity and Access Management Solution Providers for 2019

Enzoic is proud to be part of Enterprise Security Magazine’s Top 10 Identity and Access Management Solution Providers for 2019.  Enzoic was selected to be part of this exclusive list because of the uniqueness of the technology along with the low-friction way the product helps prevent account takeover and fraud. In the past decade, over 10 billion records have been …


LastPass Selects Enzoic for Compromised Credential Screening

PasswordPing announces a new partnership providing LastPass customers with a quick and easy way to screen for individual and enterprise user credentials against a database of billions of compromised credentials. With PasswordPing, LastPass is able to identify high risk end users and put additional security measures in place, such as email alerts and real-time in-product notifications, to block account hijacking attempts and other fraudulent activities.

PasswordPing Enzoic

Enzoic Launches Exposed Password and Credentials API Service for Enterprises

PasswordPing announces the launch of its patent-pending password and credential breach notification service, which proactively notifies organizations if their users are using exposed credentials. Billions of accounts have been exposed in breaches and often the users are completely unaware of it. PasswordPing now has a number of tools to help organizations protect their users.