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Getting Started

Enzoic has a series of simple hosted REST APIs which allow you to harness the power of our massive database of compromised credentials and accounts for integration into your application or website.

While any of our APIs are callable directly, by far the easiest way to get started using Enzoic (formerly PasswordPing) is to use one of our rich suite of libraries that you can use within your applications. We offer a series of Quick Start tutorials for each.

Enzoic consists of the following:

Passwords API

  • Lookup whether a given password exists in our database of compromised passwords.
  • Typical Use Case: Integration into account signup forms and password change forms to alert users if they enter a known compromised password in order to ensure users aren’t using exposed passwords that cybercriminals routinely include in password cracking dictionaries.

Credentials API

  • Securely lookup whether a given username/password combination exists in our database of compromised account credentials.
  • Typical Use Case: As users log into a website or application, their credentials are checked against this API and, if compromised, the login can be blocked and redirected into a password reset flow. This prevents cybercriminals from logging in using stolen credentials.

Raw Passwords API

  • Securely lookup all the compromised passwords Enzoic has for a given user. The passwords are returned in cleartext, if available, or in the raw hash format that was recovered.
  • Typical Use Case: A user’s credentials are periodically checked offline to determine if they are compromised. Note: This API is extremely sensitive and restricted to organizations that pass extensive vetting. Please contact sales if you believe you have an appropriate use case for this API.

Exposures API

  • Lookup what exposures a given email address has been involved in.
  • Typical Use Case: Periodic scans across your user base can determine if one of your users has been involved in any new exposures. If so, a notification can be sent to the user and potentially a password reset required.

Exposure Alerts Service API

  • Allows you to register email addresses (or domain) so that you will be notified when a new exposure of that address occurs. Notification occurs via a POST to a Webhook URL you specify.
  • Typical Use Case: Proactive notification about whether your users are involved in a new exposure provides a way to enrich your threat intelligence and allow immediate notification the moment a new exposure is found.


  • The easiest way to use Enzoic. We have libraries available for most major development languages. If you don’t see the one you’re looking for, give us a shout. We’ll be happy to add it for you!

Password Strength Meter

  • A JavaScript library which allows you to easily replace the password strength meter on your website’s signup form or password change form with one that leverages the Passwords API.

Unless otherwise noted, all APIs are implemented as REST web services with JSON responses.

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