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Enzoic’s mission is to build the most complete and comprehensive database that can be easily implemented into every environment and 3rd party to check for and prevent compromised passwords and credentials from being leveraged and used for cyberattacks. As trusted partners, we can work together to make that happen.

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Nearly 50% of incidents with data breaches involved the use of stolen credentials as an entry point.

83% of organizations that have had more than one breach.

327 days: Average time to identify and contain a data breach where stolen or compromised credentials were the initial attack vector.


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6 Ways to Keep Authentication Secure

Read this brief to get tips on password length, expiration recommendations, continuous monitoring, and more.

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Password Reuse is Putting MSP’s at Risk

Threat actors can use a vulnerable MSP as an initial access vector to multiple victim networks, with globally cascading effects.

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MSP and MSSP: How to Solve the Password Problem

Review the password problems the market faces and what MSPs and MSSPs can do to protect themselves and—most critically—their customers.

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