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80% of incidents

Public-sector attackers are interested in obtaining credentials, with 80 percent of incidents aiming to gain unauthorized access to networks and systems.


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Ransomware Attacks

44% of global ransomware attacks targeted municipalities causing concern for state and local governments.



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62% were compromised

Of surveyed government organizations, 62% were compromised by one or more cyber attacks within the past 12 months.



Secure Critical Government Institutions and Services

State and local government agencies are prime targets due to dispersed networks containing vast amounts of personal information. Just one bad password can disrupt operational services, risk public safety, and create financial losses for the community.

As a result, it’s important for government organizations and public agencies to follow NIST password guidelines and implement industry best practices to maintain public trust and secure assets.

Enzoic is a simple modern authentication solution that identifies and monitors users and alerts when passwords and credentials are circulating the dark web. Safeguard the critical services and personal data the government provides to citizens.

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Government Compliance Standards

Meet New York’s SHIELD Act and Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Regulation by ensuring the security of user credentials and sensitive data.

Ensure you are blocking commonly used passwords for all accounts, monitor for compromised credentials, and receive alerts to potential breaches in security.

Simple and Secure

Effortlessly enhance the security of your authentication with zero disruption to your workforce. Prevent account takeover by staying updated with the latest threat intelligence data to identify and remediate compromised credentials in your environment.

Compliance Ready

Continually monitor data and stay compliant with government regulations. Follow best password policy recommendations from NIST and immediately know and remediate when passwords and credentials become compromised.

Lighten IT workload

Decrease costs and time spent on antiquated password practices, including time-based resets. Automatically check user credentials for compromise to ensure users set secure passwords and that their credentials remain secure.

What Our Customers Say

City of Prescott

Nate Keegan, IT Director for the City of Prescott

“Having good passwords and knowing that compromised or weak passwords are dealt with automatically is a huge boost to your overall cybersecurity stance and peace of mind. I sleep better every night knowing that my passwords are secure with Enzoic.”

City of Paso Roble

David McCue, Information Technology Manager for the City of Paso Robles

“Enzoic is a great tool that ensures password security without needing any additional employee training or adding an administrative burden on IT.”

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