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2179 attacks per week

The Education/Research sector experienced the highest number of attacks, with an average of 2179 attacks per organization per week.


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Education is a target

Education rose to second place for the first time, garnering 21% of breaches.


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Limited IT budgets

The average school spends less than 8% of its IT budget on cybersecurity, with one in five schools committing less than 1%.


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Strengthen Password Security for Educational Institutions

Colleges and universities, but also K-12 schools and educational programs are lucrative targets for threat actors due to the wealth of data in a sprawling network with legacy systems and limited cyber resources. When faculty, staff, parents and students use compromised passwords, it’s impossible to keep the bad actors out.

According to the findings in the Verizon DBIR Report, stolen credentials were responsible for as many as 31% of breaches within the educational sector. This alarming statistic underscores the necessity for more robust security measures to protect sensitive information in academic institutions.

Enzoic provides educational institutions with a trusted path to NIST compliance. Offering superior protection for passwords and credentials, Enzoic serves both the user community and the IT department, reinforcing the academic community’s defense against digital threats.


Reduce IT Workloads

Fortify account security without adding friction to the authentication flow. Detect in real-time when trusted passwords and credentials become vulnerable on the Dark Web.

Comply with NIST

Remove outdated policies and follow best practice password policy recommendations from NIST. This includes detecting when good passwords become compromised.

Real-time Alerts

Monitor school login credentials and receive real-time alerts when a user’s information is detected in a data breach. Automate remediation options to keep your academic institution secure.

What Our Customers Say

Large Privacy University
Director of Identity and Access Management

“Passwords remain an effective and affordable authentication solution. However, to keep our systems secure, we determined we needed a way to prevent the use of compromised credentials.”

Research University in California

“Protecting against password attacks is essential to the safety of our university. Enzoic makes that simple. It’s an excellent service that’s saved our butts quite a bit!”



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