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Identity Breach Monitoring


Enzoic’s Identity Breach Monitoring

Enzoic helps organizations continuously monitor for the exposure of personally identifiable information (PII), reducing the risk of identity theft and data abuse for financial gain, fraud, or account takeover. Our straightforward monitoring service allows organizations to safeguard their users without building complex queries and parsing data.

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Elevate the Value of Your Offering by Elevating the Security of Your Users

Be instantly alerted to compromised PII including credit cards, Social Security Numbers, cryptocurrency wallets, and much more.

Enzoic’s extensive research capabilities provide comprehensive visibility into Dark Web data to protect your users.

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Customizable for Unique Requirements

Continuously track the PII that’s relevant for your workflows by subscribing to other data elements outside Enzoic’s default PII list.

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Exposure Notifications Without Delay

Enzoic gathers and provides data in real-time, without the delays and resources required for you to periodically query an unstructured database.

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Proactive Prevention

Prompt notification allows for swift remediation, enabling users to safeguard their accounts and data from identity theft, fraud, and unauthorized access.


Dark Web Data That Meets Your Needs

Streamlined Implementation

Featuring a user-friendly API that seamlessly integrates and expands with your projects.

New and Historical Data

Real-time alerting of new exposure, plus optional querying of past breach data where identities were previously compromised.

Expansive Dark Web Coverage

Enzoic’s dedicated research team and proprietary tools, provide immediate and actionable alerting.

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The Identity Breach Monitoring API allows you to register complete identities with Enzoic, so that you can be notified about future breaches that involve them.

Explore quick-start guides, code snippets, and a comprehensive resource library to integrate into your workflows.

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