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Security data partnerships

Expand your security product with real-time exposed passwords and dark web data.

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Security Data Partnerships

Drive better security options and outcomes

Enhance your existing product to create a more comprehensive cybersecurity or fraud detection stack with dark web data and threat intel updated in seconds.

Product managers and threat researchers can broaden their offerings to include monitoring for:

  • Passwords
  • Credentials (password/ user name combos)
  • Domains or email address
  • PII and other information found on the dark web

Security product categories that include this type of monitoring and alerting include IAM, PAM, ITDR, XDR, MDR, EDR, MSP platforms, SIEM, SOAR, threat Intelligence, identity theft protection, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-fraud and other cyber security offerings.

We also work with fraud detection, testing, dark web monitoring, cyber insurance, and security products.


Gain a competitive edge with real-time threat intel and deeper data

A complimentary, easy-to-add product that works easily for security and software products. Actionable data that helps keep your customer more secure while also growing your revenue.

Seamlessly connect our comprehensive threat intelligence from the clear, deep and dark web to your technology with our RESTful API and amplify the performance of your software solutions.

Add Value & Grow Revenue

Offer existing customers a new product that improves their security and increases their insight into the risks in their environment.

Provide New Actionable Data

Attract new customers with more complete offerings and provide them with data that they can take action on immediately.

Beat Your Competitors

Many security products are already offering this in their products. Beat them in a POC or bake-off with better, more complete data.

Easy to Implement

Enzoic provides your product with the most powerful and latest dark web data with easy to implement.

30B+ Data Lines/Day

Singular Focus: We have more data because of our focus – processing more than 30 billion lines of data per day.

Updated Real-Time Data

We update our database in real-time, every second of every day, with human intelligence, automated intelligence and AI.

Enzoic easily integrates with your cybersecurity products to respond to the threats of compromised credentials

Integration with IDTR

Organizations are particularly at risk when credentials are exposed on the Dark Web. Enzoic provides an advanced integration of Dark Web intelligence and compromised credential data into IDTR solutions. Providers now have a competitive edge to ensure the best protection and stay ahead of attackers.

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Enhancing PAM and IAM

As organizations prioritize addressing credential-based threats, PAM and IAM solutions can stay competitive by providing the best protection and peace of mind to their end users. Integrating Enzoic’s enhanced security features into PAM and IAM solutions reduces the window of opportunity for attackers, minimizing potential damage and ensuring continuous protection.

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Strengthening EDR, MDR and XDR

As credentials are exposed on the dark web, EDR, MDR, and XDR solutions can confront these vulnerabilities directly and ensure the safety of their end users’ environments. Enzoic provides an advanced integration of Dark Web intelligence and compromised credential data into these solutions, boosting your competitive edge and your customers’ security.

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The best data available on the market

We update the data the second we find it. We don’t just update our data once a quarter like some of our competitors. Old data=less protection.

We hunt for our data with a team of threat researchers. We don’t just use free lists we find on public websites and we are not just passively collecting it from people that send it to us.

This is what we do and all we do.

  • We are not consulting or being paid to speak at events. We are not trying to brand our founders.
  • We are not expanding our offerings to compete with you.
  • We are not selling an analytics or threat intelligence platform.
  • We are not selling reputation management or social media solutions.
  • We are not selling malware or anti-phishing solutions.
  • We are not selling services or investigations

Make your product more robust and your customers will be more secure with our data partnership.

Implementing Enzoic into your tech stack is easy

It is so easy, we have developers buying it directly on the website without talking to a single person in our company.

  • Our developer documentation is public so your developers can easily access it and scope it out prior to purchase. We also offer a free trial that they can access immediately and test out.
  • Our Restful APIs are built for massive scale and are trusted by some of the largest software and security companies in the world.
  • We will work closely with our data partners to ensure the implementation goes well because your success is our success.


Understanding your use case

Enzoic will work with you to help:

  • map out the product roadmap to drive new product revenue
  • build a model on how you can reduce your risk

We have specialized experience working for and building models for other security companies.