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Enzoic’s extensive partner network

Helping companies strengthen IT security.

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What is the Enzoic Partner Network?

Our goal is to provide an industry-leading, easy-to-implement solution to our partners. By joining the Enzoic Partner Program you are adding a unique solution to accelerate sales and increase your customers’ security posture with a simple and affordable authentication solution currently used worldwide in every major industry.


By utilizing Enzoic’s proprietary data via API, OEM Partners can integrate password and credentials checks into any application. The Enzoic partner team is here to support a model that maps to your business and creates functionality leading to added value and increased revenue streams.


Meet your customers where they are by adding an affordable and vital level of security. Become a partner today and help your customers while growing your business with an easy-to-manage cybersecurity solution missing from most environments.


Enzoic helps partners add a profitable easy-to-sell and implement solution to their sales portfolio. Passwords and credentials are a huge problem in security and users know this. Use Enzoic to help ease fears and protect your customers from the risk.

Why Partner With Enzoic?

Join the Enzoic Partner Network and you’ll bring your clients the most complete compromised password and credential database available to make sure passwords and credentials are secure.

Nearly 50% of incidents with data breaches involved the use of stolen credentials as an entry point.

83% of organizations that have had more than one breach.

328 days: Average time to identify and contain a data breach where stolen or compromised credentials were the initial attack vector.

Join the Enzoic partner network

Make password authentication faster, better and smarter worldwide.


Drive Better Security Outcomes

Enzoic’s mission is to build the most complete and comprehensive database that can be easily implemented into every environment and 3rd party to check for and prevent compromised passwords and credentials from being leveraged and used for cyberattacks. As trusted partners, we can work together to make that happen.