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  • Billions of compromised user credentials are circulated on the public Internet and Dark Web. Unfortunately, because most people reuse their passwords across sites, cybercriminals can obtain username and password combinations from previous data breaches that will be valid in your environment. Enzoic now provides an affordable way to solve this problem using the same approach applied by the leading technology companies.

The reuse of passwords is the No. 1 cause of harm on the Internet.
Alex Stamos, CSO Facebook
CNET, Nov 2016
Studies show at least
of people reuse passwords
The password is by far the weakest link in cybersecurity today.Michael Chertoff, Former Head Homeland Security, Oct 2016

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At its core, Enzoic is a cloud database of exposed login credentials continuously updated by our threat research team accessed by:

  • API Services
    A set of secure, RESTful web services that provides flexible integration options for your customer facing website and other use cases. Learn More
  • Active Directory Plug-in
    An easy to install Password Filter DLL plug-in for your Active Directory that secures your network from known compromised credentials. Learn More

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