Why Enzoic?

Data breaches have become an unfortunate fact of life

Billions of user credentials have been exposed on the public Internet over the past few years, and the rate of exposures has accelerated each year.

Cybercriminals use these stolen credentials in credential stuffing attacks, where they attempt to gain access to public websites and corporate IT systems.

If one of your customers, employees or partners was exposed and is one of the estimated 55% of people who reuse the same credentials for multiple accounts, your systems could be at risk.

“Passwords represent a major risk in most organizations’ security environment, leaving open a wide range of related maladies from malware to identity theft.”

With our database of billions of exposed credentials and patent-pending technology, Enzoic has the tools to help your organization screen for exposed, compromised credentials and passwords. We can help you defend against the attackers before they get into your sensitive systems.