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enzoic red circlesBillions of compromised credential and passwords combinations are circulated on the public Internet and Dark Web, putting individuals and organizations at risk

Cybercriminals obtain usernames and passwords from data breaches. Because so many people reuse passwords, they can then use that data to access accounts on other sites and corporate networks.

Enzoic provides elegant solutions to detect compromised credentials and prevent attackers from gaining unauthorized access to your accounts. With an Active Directory plugin and APIs, your organization is protected without any unnecessary friction to the user experience.

Studies show at least
of people reuse passwords

"By partnering with Enzoic, we wanted the ability to screen LastPass users' accounts for known, compromised credentials and block unauthorized authentication. We have been impressed with Enzoic's novel approach to secure credential comparisons and their ability to help block account takeover attempts and other fraudulent activities."

Sandor Palfy, CTO, LastPass by LogMeIn

Join the movement for continuous password protection.

detect compromised credentials

"Despite well-known shortcomings, passwords remain widely used by both consumers as well as enterprise users.  451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise survey data shows that just 53% of enterprises have deployed MFA, which implies that nearly half of all firms still rely primarily on passwords for authenticating users.  Moreover, additional survey data shows that over 71% of users reuse passwords across multiple accounts, which can create significant security risks if those passwords are ever compromised."

"Enzoic allows enterprises to screen passwords to see if they are common, weak or have been exposed online, which can help organizations strengthen passwords without impacting the user experience."


detect compromised credentials

"Our recent primary research indicates more than 60% of businesses experienced a security breach in the last year, and the most frequent breaches involved compromised passwords."

"Enzoic for Active Directory ensures passwords continuously meet even the most stringent security and compliance requirements while simplifying management processes."


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Detect compromised credentials by screening user and employee accounts without impeding the user experience-- but take action if the password is found to be compromised.

Organizations use Enzoic to prevent targeted, brute force and credential stuffing attacks and comply with NIST password recommendations.

Our innovative APIs and Active Directory plug-in will check in real-time against billions of exposed passwords and help you keep your users safe.

  • Screen password or credential combinations against our database to detect compromised credentials or passwords.

  • Take action with at-risk accounts by limiting privileges, step-up authentication or simply requiring a password reset

  • Uncompromised users and employees gain access without adding additional steps or device requirements. Only people with exposed passwords are impacted.

Enterprise Security

Built for security conscious organizations.
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Our continuously updated cloud database of exposed login credentials is compiled by our threat research team and accessed by:

  • API Services
    A set of secure, RESTful web services that provides flexible integration options for your customer facing website and other use cases. Learn More

  • Active Directory Plug-in
    An easy to install Password Filter DLL plug-in for your Active Directory that secures your network from known compromised credentials. Learn More