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LastPass taps Enzoic for Dark Web Monitoring

Enzoic’s Dark Web Monitoring services are now being embedded into the new LastPass Security Dashboard. The new capabilities provide early warning of increased risk of identity theft and other cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

A recent LastPass survey found 86% of people don’t have any way to know if their personal information has been exposed on the dark web.

Enzoic’s dedicated threat researchers continuously scour the public Internet and Dark Web to find data from breaches and exposures. Enzoic’s proprietary technologies quickly normalize, deduplicate and index new exposures, providing our clients with the most current and complete protection. This data is then immediately available via Enzoic’s RESTful APIs and integrations into 3rd party products.

“Integrating Enzoic’s database of breached credentials into LastPass has allowed us to provide our customers with constant dark web monitoring protection without creating user friction. With dark web monitoring, LastPass is now equipped to truly be a command center for managing your online security – making it simple to take action and stay safe in an increasingly digital world,” explained Dan DeMichele, VP Product Management, LastPass by LogMeIn.

Enzoic has partnered with LastPass for various compromised password and related data breach detection services since 2017. The new dark web monitoring capabilities are an enhancement of the original integration, providing a new user interface where users can manage their emails for monitoring. Customers also now receive automatic alerts by email and in their LastPass Security Dashboard when an email address has been found on the database.

“Enzoic’s data goes beyond the well-publicized breaches to collect the numerous small data breaches that make no headlines but present outsized risks to individuals and organizations,” said Josh Horwitz, Chief Operating Officer, Enzoic. “We are pleased to be part of the expanded LastPass capabilities in this new area.”

About Enzoic

Enzoic’s innovative compromised credential and breach notification services were created to protect corporate networks and consumer websites from unauthorized access and fraud. Enzoic helps organizations screen user accounts for known, compromised credentials and block unauthorized authentication. Enzoic Ltd. Is a privately held company based out of Boulder, Colorado. For more information, visit: or email