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Hylan Achieves NIST Compliance While Saving Time on Password Management

Hylan Group is a US-based organization specializing in engineering, construction, and maintenance services for telecommunications and infrastructure industries. The company has a range of specialties, including fiber optic cable placement, splicing, testing, and maintenance, as well as wireless infrastructure construction and installation. Headquartered in New Jersey, they have offices across the US and operate nationwide. Due to the nature of their business, Hylan stores sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) on their systems. This has led their team to take precautions and implement a comprehensive strategy to protect against account takeover and data breaches.

Recognizing that compromised credentials are the most frequent cause of data breaches, Hylan took measures to secure accounts by adopting NIST 800-63b standards, which provides a complete framework for protecting digital identities. To help their organization adhere with NIST password guidelines, it was essential for them to find an easy-to-manage solution that enforces these password standards across the entire user base. They were looking for a tool that not only enhances their security but also improves the efficiency of their IT operations.

Ramon Diaz, the Director of IT at Hylan, researched several vendors to help bridge this gap. When he evaluated Enzoic for Active Directory, the solution left a positive impression on him due to the effortless and automated enforcement of NIST password compliance. The feature set, combined with the intuitive administrator user interface prompted Ramon to choose Enzoic to protect the credentials in his environment.

“After deploying Enzoic for Active Directory, Hylan was able to follow NIST standards, and eliminate all compromised passwords from our Active Directory environment. The installation process took only one hour across our eight domain controllers. This project allowed us to improve enterprise security and reduce helpdesk resources dedicated to passwords by 90%.”

Ramon Diaz

Director of IT, Hylan

By adhering to NIST password guidelines, Hylan has been able to streamline their password management process, resulting in significant time savings and improved user experience. With real-time monitoring of credentials for exposure, the company has eliminated mandatory periodic password changes and instead only prompts a reset when a password has been found in a data breach. This approach not only provides optimal protection against compromised credentials but also greatly reduces the overall number of password resets required. As a result, they have been able to free up approximately 90% of resources that were previously dedicated to passwords. The efficiency gains have allowed the company to redirect 20-30% of IT and helpdesk time to other priorities, resulting in increased productivity and more focus on critical business initiatives.

After optimizing their password management processes and implementing best practices, Hylan has strengthened its security posture while improving the overall user experience for their employees. The elimination of mandatory periodic password changes has resulted in fewer business interruptions and elevated productivity. With the efficiency gains and protection against account takeover, they are well-positioned to continue their growth trajectory and meet the evolving needs of their customers.


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