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Password audits have become more difficult and new data breaches expose credentials every day. These passwords are quickly fed into hackers’ cracking dictionaries and changing which passwords you need to keep out of your organization.

Traditional algorithmic complexity rules are no longer considered a key factor in password strength. NIST password guidelines want you to screen for commonly used and compromised passwords.

Modernize your password audit with Enzoic for Active Directory Lite. It scans for common passwords, passwords found in cracking dictionaries and password that have been previously breached and exposed online. Our audit tool also finds passwords reused within your organization.

Enzoic password auditor is a lightweight version of Enzoic for Active Directory, suitable for performing a quick password audit using Enzoic’s proprietary database of 7+ billion exposed passwords.

Enzoic For Active Directory Lite

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Active Directory Password Auditor Results

Enzoic for Active Directory Lite is a free quick password auditing tool that pinpoints which user accounts in Active Directory have weak, compromised or reused passwords.

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Enzoic's password auditor provides a great baseline for assessing password vulnerability. Get next level of compromised credentials protection and try the full Enzoic for Active Directory.

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