Password Policy for
Hospitals and
Healthcare Providers

Automated Password Monitoring for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers in Active Directory

Enable real-time employee password policy for hospitals and healthcare providers with daily password auditing and automated remediation.  With compromised password detection, a custom password dictionary, fuzzy matching with common character substitutions, and continuous ongoing monitoring; healthcare organizations can eliminate vulnerable passwords in Active Directory without a lot of friction for clinicians and staff.

Many hospitals and health services are monitoring for weak, commonly-used, expected, and compromised passwords in Active Directory. They check the password at the time it is created or reset to make sure it is safe.  Then they continue to monitor the password daily against a real-time compromised password database to ensure it doesn’t become unsafe while it is in use. They require an easy way to keep accounts safe without adding a lot of complexity to user authentication.

Enzoic for Active Directory
  • Daily Screening: Continuous exposed password filtering
  • New Exposures: Detects if a safe password becomes exposed
  • Automated: No extra manual work
  • Insight: Dashboard and SIEM logging
  • Quick: Checks in milliseconds
  • Quiet: Does not impact all employees, just employees with bad passwords
  • Easy to install: Takes a short amount of time to install
  • Compliant: Aids with NIST 800-63b, NIST 800-171, HIPPA, and HITRUST
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It follows NIST password guidelines for weak, commonly-used, expected and compromised passwords. It can aid in HIPPA & HITRUST compliance by ensuring users are using strong and unquie passwords.

Safe passwords can become unsafe because of round-the-clock data breaches and leaks. Continuous password protection is an automated daily password check that alerts of weak or exposed passwords daily.