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Enzoic: A 2019 IT World Award Gold Winner

Enzoic for Active Directory was recently selected as a gold winner for the 2019 IT World Award Security Software category.

Enzoic announced today that Network Products Guide, industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, has named Enzoic for Active Directory a Gold winner in the 14th Annual 2019 IT World Awards® in the Security Software category. These industry and peer recognitions from Network Products Guide are the premier information technology awards honoring achievements and recognitions in every facet of the IT industry.

Why was Enzoic for Active Directory selected?

According to Cyren, 40% of enterprises experienced Office 365 credential theft and it is often rooted in Active Directory. Securing Active Directory is the first step in minimizing threats from compromised credentials. 

Active Directory is a rich target for criminals who use cracking dictionaries or exposed credentials to gain unauthorized access to employee accounts. It is not just weak passwords that make the system vulnerable, it is also compromised passwords that can be a risk. Because many employees reuse passwords across different online accounts, organizations need to add compromised password screening to Active Directory in addition to their existing password policies. 

Screening to prevent the use of compromised passwords is also explicitly described in the current NIST 800-63B guidelines.  Furthermore, checking the password for compromise only once does very little to prevent unauthorized access. Passwords should be checked during creation and on a continuous basis thereafter. 

How Enzoic for Active Directory Helps: Continuous Password Monitoring

Enzoic for Active Directory allows real-time blocking of unsafe passwords both at creation and continuously afterwards. It has ongoing monitoring to ensure those passwords don’t become exposed or bad later. Being able to detect both at password creation and detect subsequent compromise, is key to meeting NIST and Microsoft Security Baseline recommendations.

Enzoic for Active Directory will enhance your existing password policies to automatically restrict the selection of commonly-used, expected, or compromised passwords. If a password becomes unsafe, Enzoic automates remediation in configurable ways while adding no additional burden on the IT administrators.

Enzoic for Active Directory provides an easy to install, simple solution to help organizations establish password hardening policy consistent with current industry recommended best practices.

It’s a sincere honor to be named a Gold winner by IT World Awards in the Security Software category for Enzoic for Active Directory. Enzoic for Active Directory provides organizations with new ammunition in the ongoing fight against the use of compromised passwords. This award helps verify this critical need for this type of Active Directory solution.”

Kristen Wilson, Co-founder & Product Management, Enzoic