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Cutting-Edge Threat Intelligence with Honeypot Networks and Integrative Data Systems

Cybersecurity intelligence is only as valuable as the actions it allows you to take. Especially in the realm of prevention, fast analysis and notification is critical. It’s no secret to threat actors; they know that as soon as data is available or a vulnerability is identified, the window of opportunity for exploitation is closing.  As many cybersecurity professionals can confirm, any business with a login form accessible from the internet experiences malicious login attempts. In many cases, these account for a majority of the traffic- indeed, some websites report over 99% of login attempts are malicious. With annual credential stuffing attempts in the hundreds of billions and rising, understanding these attacks with honeypots is a crucial tool in creating a broad, dynamic, and current security posture. At Enzoic, we use cutting-edge research methods including intelligent ingestion systems, deep-web crawlers, human teams, and honeypot networks to deliver continuously updated threat intelligence so you can act before the cybercriminals do.

Our custom-built data ingestion systems work 24/7 to collect, process, and deploy compromised credential information extremely quickly and accurately- reducing user-friction and notification-fatigue through multiple quality checks and duplicate-avoidance algorithms. While our automated deep-web crawlers identify and ingest new data constantly, our research team searches both new and established sources to expand coverage across the ever-changing threat landscape. Since criminal activity is not exactly publicized, we rely on many different methods to keep pace with threat actors. One of these is through the use of honeypot networks to identify, track, and characterize real-time attacker behaviors and tools.

 A honeypot is a computer system that appears to be a potentially vulnerable target, but instead collects information about the attackers as they attempt to compromise it. These systems provide live data about the who, what, and how of current cyber attacks, allowing researchers to trace IP addresses, understand what types of attacks are most prevalent, and collect stolen credentials being used to attempt access. Exactly what kind of data is collected and what attacks are perpetrated depends on the kinds of systems and networks that are deployed; the more extensive the honeypot systems, the more detailed insight we can use to identify risk factors, compromised credentials, and novel attack vectors. With further analysis, we can also trace certain attacks to determine where the data may have been obtained and thus where to target our own data collection systems. 

Enzoic uses a wide array of strategies, tools, and systems to efficiently deliver up-to-the-minute information so you can take immediate action to maintain the integrity of your networks, the safety of your customers and employees, and compliance with the rigorous NIST guidelines. Since all it takes is one compromised credential for a threat actor to get a ‘foot in the door,’ no data exposure is too large or small for us. Our research teams are experts in big data processing techniques, as well as finding data exposures often neglected by the security industry (but not by threat actors!). 

While our automated systems work 24/7 to scan the deep web for compromised credentials, our threat research team works to closely monitor the ever-changing markets, forums, and communication platforms that hackers use to trade stolen data. Instead of scanning the same channels and re-importing the same re-posted data weekly, our systems remain flexible and immediate. When we find newly exposed credentials, this data can be available to our customers within seconds. In a world where “fresh” account credentials are considered of premium value to cybercriminals, we can mitigate the risk at its most critical point. 

Our broad data collection capabilities and refined analytics create a modern and effective solution for compromised credential screening. We provide targeted intelligence and efficient delivery that helps you avoid the theatrics of today’s sensationalized cybersecurity industry, and cut straight to protecting you, your customers, and your business. 



Dylan Hudson

Dylan leads the Threat Research team at Enzoic, developing and implementing cutting-edge threat intelligence infrastructure to help protect users and organizations from cyberattacks. When not at work, he can be found hiking and biking in the Rocky Mountains or playing traditional Celtic music on various stringed instruments.