Educational Institutions

Universities, colleges, schools can prevent data breaches and ransomware
by eliminating compromised credentials

Strengthen password security and compliance by eliminating compromised credentials

Academic institutions balance limited cyber resources to protect a diverse community that can access legacy systems from any device. When faculty, staff and students use compromised passwords, it’s impossible to keep the bad actors out. That’s why NIST overhauled password rules to eliminate complexity rules and frequent password resets. The modern approach to passwords makes it easier for both the IT department and the user community..

Passwords remain an effective and affordable authentication solution. However, to keep our systems secure, we determined we needed a way to prevent the use of compromised credentials.

Director of Identity and Access Management,
Large Private University
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Keep It Simple

Quick to get started and minimal IT burden. Add security without adding another obstacle to the authentication flow

Comply with NISTs

Follow best practice password policy recommendations, including detecting when good passwords become compromised

Improve User Experience

Remove outdated policies that made passwords harder for users but easier for hackers

Prevent Cybercriminals From Attacking Your Academic Institution

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