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Take advantage of new features for improved protection in Active Directory

Are you concerned about the security of your organization’s Active Directory? With compromised credentials being the #1 cause of a data breach according to IBM, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your accounts are secure. Scanning for security gaps in Active Directory is an essential step in mitigating the risk of a potential breach, and any password audit should scan your environment for the following security gaps:

Compromised Credentials

Regularly scanning for compromised credentials can quickly detect and remediate any security gaps. One of the most effective ways to mitigate the risk of account takeover is by scanning for compromised passwords. Exposed passwords can lead to unauthorized access, data theft, and other cyber-attacks that can compromise your organization’s sensitive information.

Sharing Passwords

Sharing passwords is a common security vulnerability in many organizations, often stemming from users not changing their default account info. Identifying users with the same password allows admins to remediate this risk, limiting the number of points of entry to their environment available to attackers through a single compromised password.

Accounts with no Passwords

Having accounts without passwords poses a significant security risk since they can be easily accessed by unauthorized individuals. Even if these accounts have limited privileges, attackers may exploit vulnerabilities to escalate their privileges and gain access to sensitive data or other systems. Enforcing password requirements for these users by identifying accounts without passwords is vital to minimize the risk of successful credential-based attacks.

Stale Accounts

Stale accounts, which have not been used in the past six months and are no longer necessary, pose a significant security risk. A former employee may still have access to their old account, allowing them to access sensitive information or systems. Identifying and disabling or deleting these accounts is vital to eliminate the possibility of them becoming a security threat to your environment.

Scanning for security gaps in Active Directory is an essential step in mitigating the risk of a potential breach. By using a powerful tool that can help organizations monitor the risk factors of credential-based attacks, you can identify and secure vulnerable accounts in Active Directory. Download Enzoic for Active Directory Lite today to get a free and instant assessment and see the difference it can make for your organization’s security posture.

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